The Low-country  warm months are here and while you’re enjoying some extra hours of daylight, it’s also a
great time to catch up on some maintenance tasks that have been neglected during the
winter. While your list might vary a little, here is a great starter list to help you tackle some of
those much needed maintenance chores this season.




  • Yard Maintenance – It’s time to schedule that weekend yard project. Trim trees and
    shrubs, mow the lawn and plant some flowers. Clear debris from rain gutters and if
    needed add new mulch and correct drainage issues.
  • Touch up Paint and Siding – Review the exterior of your home for chipping paint or
    worn siding. Examine the trim as well as areas by the ground for signs of moisture
    intrusion and repair any area showing wear
  • Furnace and HVAC Systems – Have your furnace and air conditioning systems serviced
    and cleaned.
  • Clean and Inspect the Chimney – Another common fire and safety concern is the
    chimney. Order a cleaning and make sure there is a spark arrester which meets current