Selling a home in Bluffton When selling a house in Bluffton or any real estate market it is critical that you take all major steps to be sure the house is ready before it is placed on the Bluffton real estate market for sale.

Here are 10 staging tips on selling a house in Bluffton to help you get started.

  1. Remove ALL clutter: The very first step is to be sure that your Bluffton SC house is free of clutter everywhere. Remove items and paper from counter tops, clear out drawers and clear up the closet. Buyers will look in anything that can open to see how much space they can use and you want those areas clear of clutter.

2. Freshen the air:  Every home has an odor to it, did you know that? Whether its the smell of dinner that was cooked last night or a friendly pet the house can carry an odor.  The sense of smell no matter how light or strong will affect how someone will perceive things, people will view everything more critical if the house smells bad. No turning the table in a good smelling house people will most definitely view the house in a much more positive light.  To help with this use plug-in deodorizes, candles or any other methods necessary to make your house smell great. Keep in mind to use scents that are pleasing to crowds because after all you are trying to appeal to a wide group of people in Bluffton SC as possible.

3. Make Every Room Count: You’re probably asking what does that mean? Well when selling a house in Bluffton you should not have rooms with mixed uses, sure we all have mixed rooms however not when selling a house. So no rooms that is a workout room combined with an office or a hobby room combined with a media area. Every room in your Bluffton house for sale should have a clear theme, this will help buyers know what to make of it with no effort on their part. Also open up blinds or curtains to allow all the natural light in, the room will show much better.

4. Clean up Paint: I know you loved those walls with vibrant colors and relaxing blues, when it time to sell your house it’s a must to change things. Every wall in the house should have a natural, neutral color. No everyone can see past the colors and the reason you painted the wall in those colors so go with colors like a beige, cream or taupe color reason people are less likely to be turned off by these more subtle colors.

5. Evaluate all Furniture – Furniture Plays a part:  Everything in each room should match. Yes I’m serious, Have you ever stopped in to view new homes just to see how nice they are decorated? I know you have at some point, well that’s what your house should look like when you are selling.

Ok so people won’t be buying your furniture along with the house but you want the home to show like a model home, really think about it. Walk through your house and see what belongs in each room and what doesn’t. Every item should go nicely together.

By having all the rooms in the house with matching things will help buyers feel at home and will help you sell the house faster and at a higher price.  Here is another tip small furniture in big spaces. Meaning downsize the furniture to upsize the room it’s a trick of the trade.

6. Clean the house: OK so this one is may seem like No brainer, I must admit I have viewed homes for sale in Bluffton that have been placed on the housing market that needed a good cleaning and was not ready for showings. So pull out your cleaning supplies and roll up your sleeves or call a really good cleaning service.Every nook and crannies of your house needs attention, every inch should be in ti-top shape. Baseboards are important clean all of them, hardwood floors and all surfaces should shine. Your house will need to be Mr. Clean sparkling clean until it sells.  Every few days do a little touch up here and there so the house is always ready for showings. Also clean the windows inside and out.

7. Depersonalize: Here is where it can get a bit touchy for some people.  Remove all photos from the walls, tables and Selling a home in Blufftonrefrigerator. Remember when you visit a model home there are no pictures or family heirlooms around the house. Removing these items will make it easier for the buyers to see themselves living in their new home with their family, They can’t imagine that if every other photo are of you and your family. Pack those items up your moving soon.

8. Take care of the yard: Curb appeal matters and its a key selling point in getting your house sold. The Yard is what is seen first and in most cases sets the tone for what to expect inside the home. So Trim up trees and bushes, lay some fresh mulch or pine straw in those flower beds. Remove all weeds and if there are any dead plants or bushes take those out too. Keep the lawn mowed and edged.

9. Set up an outdoor living space Outdoor  spaces add as much value and interest for the buyer as some of the interior rooms. Because of this you want the buyers to see how they can capitalize on the outdoor living spaces in their new Bluffton Home. Where available set up the chairs and table and items like a grill or tent . Help the buyers see the possibilities of enjoying lowcountry afternoons in the outdoor area.

10. Use Buyer Eyes: Now that you have completed all the above look at your house  through a buyer’s eyes detach yourself from all emotions and look at it as if you have never seen it before. Is there anything else you can do to help you in selling your Bluffton home? if your answer is  no then you are ready to place the house on the Bluffton Real Estate Market.

Best of luck to you with selling a house in Bluffton SC.

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